Нечитаемые (немые) согласные.

-bt[t] doubt, debt -alk[ k] walk,talk,chalk

-mb[m] comb, climb -alf [a:f] half,calf

-gn [n] sign, foreign -alm [a:m] calm,palm

-ps[s] psychology, psalm -mn[m] autumn, condemn

-stle[sl] wrestle, castle, whistle kn[n]know, knife

wr-[r] write,wrong

Тренировочные упражнения

name at am arm care

plate and dad spare

gate cat that garden careful

late rap thanks sharp scared

table flat land farmer compare

face lamp England market square

make hand America March parents

baseball bat part

space bad Canada bar

carrot salad farm

skate camp planet park

take bank hamster

hate sad packet dark

lake add sandwich darts

case happy badge art

place any black

game many dragon

rain day autumn draw watch what warm rainy daily August saw was wash warn

train play author water wall wardrobe

wait say because want war

all talk ask after class last bath

ball basket afternoon grass fast path

hall walk basketball craft pass past father

always also

answer quarter air chair hair

dance quarrel fair pair fairy chance

plant He me bell her here

She we let’s perfect mere

Street seven German

Green pencil iceberg Three best serve

Week eleven person Evening spell verse

Sweet next Cheese chess

Each season eat bread grey ear hear

Speak clean sea head they near dear

Read Easter teacher ready eight year cheer

Please team jeans already eighty deer engineer


New,few,view [ju:] learn, earth, early

Go got sport more

Hello from or score

Coke dog corner explore

Home hobby morning shore

Nose prospect tortoise wore

Zero forest fork

Sofa strong sort bored

Toe holiday port

Telephone doctor

Brown yellow loaf boy old

Round window road toy cold

Flower snow coat joy hold

House show boat enjoy sold

Ground grow roast oil

Town throw boast point

Count tomorrow coin Tower voice

Mouse noisy Down

Thousand your

foot room school door bought work

too look cool tooth floor brought word

good book zoo cook thought world


Come, some, other, front , love , dove, above ,discover, discovery, glove, govern

son, Monday ,mother, lovely,

monkey, month, brother

Hi,bye it is, this is, girl fire

Invite, his, six, in, bird tyre

Like, my, film, hit, sit, dirty

Five, type, pig, pink, mix, third

miss, swim,win, thirteen

Nine, fly, sing, spring, hill thirty

Fine, nice, river, bridge, city, birth

I, white, winter, village,fish, birthday

Time,wide, cinema, picnic, ship,

Ice,hide, kitchen,

Ride, bike, dinner,window,

Life, cycle literature,history

Kind right Find light

Mild night Wild fight

Behind flight

Super sun,nut, turn pure

Blue cut ,cup, surname cure

Student bus ,run, purple

Pull , bull push, bush

Чтение отдельных согласных и буквосочетаний.

face cat cock bench school

place cake clock march architect

ice coke back kitchen character

space cut black match chemistry

piece cup packet change technical

office cross sticker cheese technology

pencil doctor thick chair Christmas

city computer chess

centre concert chewing ch [ʃ ]

cinema colour machine

bicycle curtain moustache

pleasure see,sell,sofa, rose,please, she,shop,ship,

measure test,snow,say plays,opens, sharp, show,

treasure salad,seaside Tuesday,Thursday wash,shine,dish

picture, temperature literature, adventure

three this ink song, long, phone, phrase,

thin that drink sing, strong, telephone, phase,

thick these drank bring,boxing, photography,

thing those thank morning, evening, biography,

path bathe think chewing,cycling geography,

go page edge session knife, knock,

green orange hedge discussion knit, knee

grey general bridge collection

good gentle fridge decoration

hour, honest, sure, sugar vision,television eight, bright,

honour,honesty ensure, insure daughter, high

но: laugh[la:f]

enough[inʌf] draughts[dra:fts]

wh + a,e, i, y [ w] wh+o[h] cough [kɔf]

what,which,where, who,whom,whose tough [tʌf]

when, why, white